HX-01 Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD Disc
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HX-01 : An Animated Short Film by hexeosis

HX-01 is my first full HD animated short film! I launched a Kickstarter project a little over a year ago to fund it and shipped out the final video last spring. I made a few more copies of the discs than I needed to fulfill the Kickstarter campaign rewards and am now offering them for sale here! There's less than 35 copies of the disc version left, and when they run out, there won't be any more! Limited Edition Discs! 

About HX-01: 

This video is a journey in and out of forms and patterns, mandalas and psychedelic landscapes. Colorful calm moments, energetic dynamic sequences and thought-provoking, mind bending constructions woven together into an overall seamless, 100% animated sequence, timed to music and soundscapes.

This video is very similar to the GIFs I create, except instead of 540x540 pixel size, the video is full 1920x1080 HD. Total run time for HX-01 is 37 minutes.

The disc includes a couple of free stickers and a link to download a digital video version. 

there is also a digital streaming version available for purchase on Vimeo 


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original hexeosis sticker packs
from 9.00

This is the original hexeosis shaped sticker! :D  

Die-cut in a snowflake cube hexagon shape from UV laminated vinyl, these stickers feature a luxurious matte finish and very bright colors. Durable, weatherproof and with an extremely permanent adhesive, these stickers will brighten your day for years to come! Please enjoy these fine hexagonal stickers! :D

Each sticker measures 3 inches in diameter. 

Available in packs of 3, 5 or 10. 


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postcard set
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postcard set
6.00 10.00

Postcards! This set of six postcards was originally created as a reward for the HX-01 Kickstarter project. I made a few extra sets, and now they are available here! 

They have a UV matte finish on the artwork side and an uncoated surface on the back so you can write on it and mail it.

Each card measures around 6 x 4 inches. The set of six cards includes one each of the designs shown here. 


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desktop wallpaper pack
2.00 3.00

This digital download includes over 100 unique hexeosis desktop wallpaper patterns in a single zip file! 

Suitable for usage on all computer and tablet devices, mobile rectangle things, etc... You may need to rotate and or crop the images to best suit your individual needs. 

After adding to cart and checking out, you will be given a download code that enables you to download the zip file. Thanks! 

click here for more wallpaper samples!


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