HX-01 *slightly damaged boxes edition* Blu-ray/DVD Disc

HX-01 *slightly damaged boxes edition* Blu-ray/DVD Disc

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*** I have been holding onto about 10 copies of the video because the boxes are a bit less than perfect. In a few of them, the paperboard boxes are slightly creased or dented and there’s a couple where the manufacturer glued the disc tray in upside-down. The discs themselves are great and work correctly, just that the boxes were a bit damaged, so I wanted to offer them at half the normal price for people that wouldn’t really mind those minor imperfections! All regular copies are sold-out, so this is the last chance to get a copy of HX-01 on Blu-ray / DVD disc ***

HX-01 : An Animated Short Film by hexeosis

HX-01 is my first full HD animated short film! I launched a Kickstarter project a little over a year ago to fund it and shipped out the final video last spring. I made a few more copies of the discs than I needed to fulfill the Kickstarter campaign rewards and am now offering them for sale here!

About HX-01: 

This video is a journey in and out of forms and patterns, mandalas and psychedelic landscapes. Colorful calm moments, energetic dynamic sequences and thought-provoking, mind bending constructions woven together into an overall seamless, 100% animated sequence, timed to music and soundscapes.

This video is very similar to the GIFs I create, except instead of 540x540 pixel size, the video is full 1920x1080 HD. Total run time for HX-01 is 37 minutes.

The disc includes a couple of free stickers!!!

there is also a digital streaming version available for purchase on Vimeo 


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