HX-01: An Animated Short Film by hexeosis

from 18.00

HX-01 is now available in either HD digital download or Blu-ray / DVD combo pack! 

This video is a journey in and out of forms and patterns, mandalas and psychedelic landscapes. Colorful calm moments, energetic dynamic sequences and thought-provoking, mind bending constructions woven together into an overall seamless, 100% animated sequence, timed to music and soundscapes.

This video is very similar to the GIFs I create, except instead of 540x540 pixel size, the video is full 1920x1080 HD. Total run time for HX-01 is 37 minutes. The video is available as either an HD digital downloadable quicktime file or a limited edition Blu-ray / DVD disc combo pack. The disc version also includes a free sticker and also includes a link to download the HD digital version.  

HD Digital orders and disc pre-orders will receive an email containing the link and download instructions. Unfortunately that's not an automated system, so please allow for up to 24 hours for the link. I'm working on a better system, but for now Squarespace only allows me to upload files up to 300MB in size but the final HX-01 video is 3.75GB. I'm currently hosting the downloads on WeTransfer, and I have to email the link myself to you after I receive your order. Thanks and thanks for your patience! 

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