What is your shipping policy?

what does “hexeosis” mean? 

the word hexeosis is a combination of the words hexagon + apotheosis

did you make these gifs?

yes mostly everything posted here is original content. 

how did you make this? 

these gifs are animated using adobe after effects and maxon cinema4d. many of them use shapes drawn in adobe ilustrator. once the final animation is rendered, the sequence is imported into adobe photoshop and made into a gif using the photoshop gif compression tools. 

why did you make this?

hexeosis is a collection of original gifs created to visually represent infinity.

may i project your gifs behind me while i’m dj’ing? as my webpage wallpaper? for a youtube video? 

if you’re interested in using any of this imagery for non-commercial purposes, that’s totally cool, just please credit and link back to this site.

if you're working on a commercial project and would like to use hexeosis gifs, please contact me for a licensing agreement. 

what dimension do you come from? (actual question)

when I’m not making hexagon gifs, I work as a director / creative director / designer and live in los angeles california